ErdeShare is a cloud based application that will revolutionize how geoscientific studies information is produced and shared

Plan and coordinate

Work plan definition and distribution to the responsible specialists

Define by task: Objective, techniques, experts, supporting documentation, access privileges, geodata to be processed, estimated times and effort

Manage knowledge

Recommendation of techniques and experts generated by collaborative filters and machine learning engines

Access to the content of reports developed on the past to support current studies

Execute and Report

Report of the progress of the executed tasks with its conclusions and recommendations supported by text, images, video and “Live” visualization sessions of the geodata

Present and share results

Automated integration, presentation and distribution of the studies’ reports to all its stake holders (geoscientific team, clients, services providers, partners, regulatory institutions)

Visualization sessions simultaneously accessed by multiple users (virtual data rooms)

Distillation and organization of the relevant data produced during studies

ErdeVision Workspace offers::

  • Light multiplatform client that operates on Cellphones, Tablets and Pcs
  • Integrated 2D3D high quality visualization tool optimized for latest device capabilities 2D3D seismic, wells, well sections, horizons, faults, maps, geomodels)
  • Data manager that offers customizable reports with friendly editor
  • Technology for multiple user visualization sessions sharing
  • Presentation generator with easy template customization
  • Export to PDF, MS Office
  • Available for Windows Store, iOS, Android

  • Reduce redundant data (copies of the same data distributed on the network´s servers and workstations) and optimize disk space
  • Reduce security risks related to data access and management
  • Reduce the time spent by specialists locating and retrieving specific data, planning, supervising and coordinating the studies, investigating, elaborating and distributing technical reports and presentations
  • Allow consultants, partners, clients and external advisers to easily, securely and efficiently visualize and access the data remotely
  • Identify best practices and reduce experts’ divergences of opinions ​
  • Reduce licensing and hardware costs of the modelling and interpretation platforms (Erde share will reduce the use of those platforms based on its’ visualization capabilities)​
  • Increase the workload with the same fixed cost structure​
  • Increase margins by reducing costs (support personnel, licensing, investment in hardware and maintenance)​​
  • Offer more competitive fees
  • Improve response time and service quality​

Supports projects for exploration, reservoir characterization, field operations, asset negotiations, etc.
Efficiently plan and coordinate the execution of the studies
Support studies conclusions and recommendations with embedded live visualization sessions
Access interactive 2D3D geodata visualization sessions launched from the studies reports and presentations operated from desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones
Share the studies results and technical presentations with external entities like partners, clients, service providers, regulatory institutions, etc.
Reduce the time of the specialists spent on data management and studies planning and results presentation
Support your decisions based on the knowledge developed on past experiences
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Behind ErdeVision there is platform that garantees:

  • Connectivity with mayor G&G platforms for data exchange and replication
  • Specialized services that efficiently delivers high volumes of geodata to light clients and distributed calculation processes
  • Data transference is securely encrypted using Blowfish and efficiently compressed using ZLIB
  • Horizontal scalable by design
  • Centralized data repository compliant with PPDM 3.9
  • Intelligent resources such as collaborative filters, machine learning and neural networks to classify and predict data (attribute calculation, synthetic data generation, workflow recommendations based on available data and past experience)

Ramón Vélez - General Manager

  • 25 years of experience in software development and business management in the O&G industry
  • Director and Business Development Manager at IGS, a G&G consulting firm in Latin America
  • Founder and general manager of RTECH a software company for information process management automation
  • Founder and general manager of Geostratos a software company that developed a platform for interpretation and static modelling of the subsurface
  • Electrical Engineer from Universidad Metropolitana in Venezuela, EMBA from the IESA in Venezuela

Pedro Melendez - Product design and development

  • 11 years of experience developing and supporting graphical based software, database administration, off/online computer game development, managing software development, quality control and auditing
  • Software development positions at Advantage Petroleum Technologies, Gameloft, Geostratos, Bedlam Games, Opie Marketing Group, EqAds and Oanda
  • Computer Engineer from Universidad Metropolitana Venezuela, MsC in Video Gaming and Graphic computing from University of Abertay Dundee, Scotland

  Gabriel Ponte - Business Development

  • 15 years of experience in Management Consulting in the Oil and Gas sector. Has served O&G companies, Oil Field Services and Equipment and PE clients on strategic, operational, organisational topics
  • Founder of Aprada Consulting, a boutique strategy and corporate finance advisory Firm in the Energy space. Prior to Aprada, Gabriel was a Senior consultant at McKinsey in London
  • MBA from MIT and a Chemical Engineering Degree (cum laude) from Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas Venezuela

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